Pole Theatre Scandinavia will be held for the second time in Oslo on June  6th 2020. The competition offers all national and international pole dancers a unique opportunity to perform in the land of ice. The country's first of its kind, Pole Theatre centers around the performance as an art form. The focus in each performance should be about delivering a captivating and inspiring show that leaves the audience thrilled, shocked and begging for more. 

Pole Theatre Scandinavia is divided in to two divisions:​
  • Semi- Proffesional - for pole dancers who never have placed 1st in the semi-Proffesional category before. Pole dance instructors can enter Semi-Proffesional provided they have never won an semi-Proffesional category in any previous Pole Theatre Competition. If the competitor has competed in the Professional category in a pole theatre competition before they are not aloud to compete in Semi-pro.

  • Professional - Anyone who has placed top 3 in a national or international competition, is a touring pole athlete or otherwise classifies as a professional pole dancer. 


Competitors must nominate one category that they wish to enter. A winner will be announced in each category, and an overall winner will also be announced. The categories are:

  • Pole Art
  • Pole Comedy
  • Pole Drama
  • Pole Classique

​Above all, Pole Theatre is not about the most difficult tricks or the bendiest limbs. Think about bringing a compelling performance. Make the audience laugh, or cry, or inspire them. Show them you are a performer capable of captivating their gaze. If you can tell us your story in a compelling way, that is all we want. 

Host - Josh taylor

International creature of passion, Josh Taylor has been pole dancing for 12 years teaching and performing around the world. Now living permanently in Oslo, Norway as a resident instructor at Sometimes Pole Studio. His life is dedicated to his students, performance, pole dance, and 10 inch.... heels. As a performer and teacher he believes that sharing experiences and growing what we can feel from the world around us is everything. Josh is thrilled that running his mouth can finally be put to good use MC-ing for the fabulous Pole Theatre Scandinavia!


The stage


The stage is approximately 9x6 meters. There will be 2 45mm chrome poles from X-pole that are 4 meters high. They will be placed with 3 meter between them. From the perspective of the audience, the pole on the left side of the stage will be static and one on the right will be spinning. It is possible to enter the stage from both sides. It is NOT possible to change which pole is on spinning/static or have both on spinning/static. It’s possible to project pictures or video on

a screen in the back of the stage. You will be able to give very simple instructions on lighting such as color/mood (you will be able to give more specific instructions during the rehearsals, but we cannot guarantee anything very specific). It will be possible to use bigger props, but this will need to be approved prior to the competition. 

The venue

Lillestrøm Kulturhus is located just outside Oslo, a 10 minute train ride from Oslo central station. Once you are in Lillestrøm, the venue is a 3 minute walk from the train station. Lillestrøm Kulturhus hosts theatre, shows and concerts all year round. Pole theatre scandinava was held at this venue in 2016. The organizer, Sometimes Pole Studio, has arranged a national pole competition at this venue the 3 previous years. The staff is therefore very skilled and even experienced with pole shows, making this venue ideal for a beatiful stage performance.


Kirkegata 11, 2000 Lillestrøm


The organiser

Sometimes pole studio was founded in 2006 and is Norway’s first and largest pole studio. Sometimes is home to many of the country’s most sought after instructors, athletes and performers in the country. The owner, Aleksandra Matusiak, has broad experience in everything pole dance. Aleksandra founded the Norwegian Pole Sport Federation (NPSF) and is an IPSF judge who has travelled all over the world to judge pole competitions.


Every fall, Sometimes Pole Studio arrange the national amateur pole competition, Rising Stars. Rising Stars was started to provide a stage for pole amateurs, from newbies to teachers who feel they don’t belong in a professional category. The same evening as Rising Stars, Sometimes also host the small exotic competition After Dark. Both competitions have become very popular in Norway. The competition has had many famous judges, such as Marion Crampe, Kira Noire, Evgeny, Kaya Blum, Daria Che and Slava Ruza.

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Who are we?

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